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Recapping Junior Highschoolers Observations on Waste Sorting Knowledge
July 26, 2023
A student trying to figure out which bin to choose

26 July, 2023 – The Center for Sustainability and Waste Management Universitas Indonesia (CSWM UI), has finished the first series of the “Pejuang Muda Lingkungan” program in SMP Mardi Yuana Depok and SMP Regina Pacis Bogor. Recent update highlights the MPLS program’s success in identifying critical gaps in current educational approaches to environmental awareness and sustainability.

Key findings from the MPLS program indicate a pressing need for more culturally and socially relevant teaching methods, particularly for the target age group. CSWM UI comprehensive approach involves the development of innovative learning modules for both teachers and students, aiming to instill sustainable learning practices.

Recent trials at Regina Pacis and Mardi Yuana schools have shown promising results, with notable improvements in student behavior regarding waste management and recycling. These insights are instrumental in refining the project’s direction.

Most students are still mixed up between recyclable and non-recyclable waste, especially from their daily food packaging. Our team formulate an engaging game to test their knowledge while silently provide 3 different trash bins based on the categories, they have learnt through the teaching session. Despite most students are actively engaged in the class and games session, during the end of the session, most students still got confused to throw their own trash; even, some, casually followed the previous students without understanding the waste material.

Moving forward, CSWM UI is focusing on collaborations with psychology experts to enhance program effectiveness. The immediate steps include intensive meetings with the psychology team, further development of educational modules, and strategic program enhancements.

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