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CSWM UI, KOMIB, Pocari Sweat, and Ancol Lead Hands-On Water Restoration Initiative Using Green Mussels to Promote Environmental Stewardship
September 8, 2023
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Fishermen loading the net full of shells into the boat

On 26 May 2024, CSWM UI collaborated with Karya Pelajar Mengabdi Bangsa (KOMIB), Pocari Sweat, and Ancol held a water restorative initiative that utilised Asian Green Mussels (Perna viridis) as a filtration system. This initiative was joined by more than 30 volunteers that consist of students and the public around Jakarta and was held in Pantai Jaya Ancol, Jakarta.

The event was divided into several sections including education of green mussels as natural filters which were demonstrated by two aquariums showing both with and without green mussels to see the cleanliness of the water based on the accumulated amount of suspended particles seen in the aquarium. For the water restorative initiative, the green mussels’ shells were being used to accommodate larvae to find shelter and inhabit the shells so the biodeposition as the main filtering process can be done. This method is not only beneficial for the environment as the waste of green mussels shells can be repurposed, but also how the larvae can be preserved so the biodeposition process can take place in a designated area. This process is further explained by the team of Ancol Jaya while the volunteers take their time in making the cage for the mussels with guidance from the Pantai Jaya Ancol team and put the mussels in before being brought into the sea.

To motivate the participants, Marcha Sharapova, the environment division leader of KOMIB, highlighted how it is important as the future generation to get to know how we can contribute to environmental stewardship, “More than 70% of the coastal line in Indonesia have been impacted by pollution, therefore it is important as the future generation to be able to seek sustainability solutions through collaboration as water still and will always be a primary need for our life.”

Through the collaboration, CSWM UI hopes to be able to spread awareness about environmental stewardship through collective action. By engaging students and the public in hands-on activities such as the water restorative initiative, CSWM UI aims to demonstrate the practical benefits of sustainable practices and inspire participants to become advocates for environmental conservation.

Ramadani Nur, the project associate in charge, emphasises the importance of environmental stewardship for CSWM UI, “In line with our mission at CSWM UI, promoting a sustainable environment is a collective effort that includes many stakeholders. The event serves as a model for how communities can leverage local resources, like the green mussels, to address environmental issues such as water restoration in Ancol.” Furthermore, the initiative highlights the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together academic expertise, community involvement, and industry support to create impactful environmental solutions.

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