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CSWM UI Visits Koperasi Unit Desa Giri Tani: A Step Towards Ensuring Fair-Trade Systems for Farmers
June 11, 2024
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CSWM UI visit to Koperasi Unit Desa Giri Tani

Center for Sustainability and Waste Management Universitas Indonesia (CSWM UI) conducted a visitation to Koperasi Unit Desa (KUD) Giri Tani in Ciampea. This visit aimed to assess the existing pilot project in the built village that supplies milk to one of Indonesia’s major milk companies. The primary objective was to carry out a comparative study on community development implementation and to ensure a fair-trade system for farmers at the uppermost supply chain.

During the visitation, CSWM UI representatives, including researchers and community development experts, engaged in extensive discussions with the cooperative’s management and local farmers. They examined the pilot project’s framework, which includes sustainable farming practices, transparent pricing mechanisms, and capacity-building programs for farmers. The team observed how these elements contribute to the overall success of the cooperative and the welfare of the farmers.

One of the key aspects of the visit was to conduct a comparative study on community development implementation. CSWM UI aimed to identify best practices and potential areas for improvement in the cooperative’s approach to community development. The study focused on understanding how KUD Giri Tani fosters a sense of community not only among farmers but also with their buyers, promotes sustainable agricultural practices, and ensures that farmers receive fair compensation for their produce.

Fair-trade practices are essential for ensuring that farmers at the uppermost supply chain receive their rightful share of profits. CSWM UI’s visit to KUD Giri Tani was driven by the goal of promoting and implementing fair-trade systems that benefit farmers. By understanding the cooperative’s pricing mechanisms and profit-sharing models, CSWM UI hopes to develop and recommend strategies that can be replicated in other regions to ensure fair treatment and economic stability for farmers.

The insights gained from this visit will contribute to the development of sustainable and equitable agricultural practices that benefit farmers and the broader community

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