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Center for Sustainability and Waste Management Universitas Indonesia

Your sustainable future starts here

CSWM UI is your partner to find the best solution for sustainability and waste management

How sustainable are you?

Sustainability is crucial for organizations to remain relevant and competitive in today’s world and should be an integral part of developing strategies

Do you have sustainable strategies for…

Resource efficiency

As the world’s population continues to grow, the demand for resources is also increasing exponentially. It is crucial for us to discover innovative solutions on how we can use our resources more effectively and efficiently. Businesses that recognize the resource challenges and are willing to take steps to improve their resource efficiency will be best positioned for future success.

Waste management

The rate of waste generation from economic and social activities is increasing as population grows. Without proper waste management system, our environment will be at high risk of destruction. Government, businesses and communities must work hand-in-hand to design the sustainable waste management system that works for everyone.

Community relationship

Community participation in implementing waste management systems is crucial. Therefore all waste management plans must have a community engagement system inherent in it.


CSWM-UI is your partner in transitioning your organization to a sustainable future

Your organization is different from the others. It has a unique vision and values, runs with different leadership, and is formed by diverse individuals. Therefore, to effectively address sustainability challenges, each organization must develop a customized strategy that considers its unique circumstances and goals. Whether your goal is to improve the resource efficiency of your business, designing waste management system, or enhancing communities participation on sustainable development, CSWM-UI is here for you.


Our Services

We offer services that are tailored to your needs


Our experts conducts original research and works closely with organizations, governments, and communities to provide the latest insights and best practices for sustainable waste management

Feasibility studies

Sustainable product development

Behavior change


We offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services to help organizations and governments transition to more sustainable waste management practices and thus enhance the resource efficiency.

Waste management planning and design

Implementation support

Regulatory compliance

Stakeholder engagement


CSWM-UI offers training and education programs which are designed to build the skills and knowledge of individuals and organizations across a wide range of professional fields, including engineering, finance, and beyond.

Hands-on technical training

Awareness-raising workshops