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CSWM UI Collaborates with Government Ministries and Experts to Refine and Advance Indonesia’s EPR Regulation for Sustainable Waste Management Post-2029
April 2, 2024
Press Release
Group Photo of the FGD expert team

On April 2nd, CSWM UI proudly participated in a Focus Group Discussion aimed at enhancing and advancing Permen LHK 75/2019 for post-2029 implementation. This pivotal forum united ministries like the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Public Works and Housing, and Finance, focusing on driving the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) concept, enriched with insights from regulatory bodies like BNSP and experts in waste management, such as Sri Bebassari who is one of the founders of waste management regulation which became the foundation of EPR regulation in Indonesia.

Angga, a consultant for ADUPI and part of the event’s organizing team, highlighted the limited company engagement with EPR, noting a lack of incentives or disincentives for companies. The discussion led to adjustments in Permen LHK 75/2019, including a broader definition of ‘producer’, an enhanced institutional model for waste management, and regulatory changes to enforce EPR implementation.

A significant highlight from the discussion was the government’s ambitious target to achieve a 30% reduction in waste and ensure 70% of waste requires further investigation on how to implement it. To support this initiative, the forum underlined the importance of establishing a PRO (Producers Responsibility Organization) as an independent entity for managing extended producer responsibilities and integrating informal sectors into the formal waste management sector.

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