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CSWM UI Spearheads Discussions on Advancing Plastic Waste Management in Indonesia
April 3, 2023
Press Release
Prof. Chalid explains the modalities and operations of EPR systems

On 3rd April 2024, CSWM UI took an active role in a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) forum dedicated to plastic waste management. This significant gathering was marked by the presence of key stakeholders from the government, academia, producers, and industries related to plastic.

The discussions were structured around four critical topics of sustainability aimed at enhancing effective waste management. These included the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), the principles of a circular economy, an in-depth exploration of polymers, and strategies for maximising the lifecycle utility of plastics.

These various topics of sustainability are aimed to be aligned with the vision of the Government in Indonesia about waste management objectives in Indonesia to be enhanced to 30% waste reduction and 70% waste management and to build a more inclusive and clear regulatory framework within the industry. Through the forum, each stakeholder also mentioned their concern around the topics of plastic waste which were discussed directly to gain new insight for the plastic waste management practices of companies.

CSWM UI’s Principal, Prof. Mochammad Chalid, was honoured to contribute as a speaker, focusing on navigating the complexities of plastic waste management through innovative modalities and the practical application of EPR. This engagement underscores CSWM UI’s dedication to championing sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives for Indonesia, particularly in the waste management area.

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